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Lumineux Cream

This Lumineux Cream is fairly easy to deal with as a wide range of products is available to care for it and it is less prone to wrinkles. This specially formulated skin cream helps to remove blemishes and dark circle. This product contains a concentrated blend of active ingredients that make your skin healthy and beautiful.

This is known as natural property that is very small and penetrates easily into the skin cells so that it can reduce inflammation of the skin. It helps to keeps the skin plump and full and helps it withstand the natural appearance of wrinkles that are so common with aging skin. Peptides not only help stimulate collagen growth, but they also deliver copper into the skin, which can help the skin heal faster.

Lumineux Cream is a fast absorbing cream which leaves your skin extra soft, smooth and beautiful. This special formula protects your skin from dryness and cracking. It also uses for tones with vitality and growth in collagen which helps to protect skin cracking and dryness.


Works To Make Your Skin Radiant And Attractive:

Lumineux Cream is not only helping stimulate collagen growth, but they also deliver moisture into the skin, which helps the skin can heal faster.

  • Get rid of cracked and wrinkles: Helpful in removing unwanted wrinkles, blackheads, and spots on the face.
  • Repair sun damaged skin: Repairs damage caused due to exposure to suntan. Harmful sun rays can damage your skin with effects of direct dark complexion and sunburn but this natural cream protects your skin from sun damaging causes.
  • Remove dark complexion: It works like purifier and removes your black head, and rapidly remove dark complexion.
  • Works in deep skin cells: It is working for the help deliver beneficial ingredients deeper into the skin, where they are needed most.
  • Make clear texture: This also makes the skin tighter and glowing and make it white complexion.
  • Stay hydrates dry skin: It can increase skin hydration level and provide miniaturization of your skin.


How to Use easily?

  • Steps1: Clean your face before applying this effective serum.
  • Steps2: Take tiny quantity of your fingertips
  • Steps3: Apply sufficiently wherever necessary or on the face and around of your eyes.
  • Steps4: Apply a small amount of this moisturizer and gently work up a lather using a circular motion.
  • Steps5: Leave this layer for 30 minutes on your face
  • Steps6: Wash off your face or wipe out this layer from the cotton towel.



Vitamin C: Vitamin C has been shown to stabilize collagen mRNA, thus increasing collagen protein synthesis for smoothness of damaged skin while you taking rest by sleeping.

Peptides: Peptides are short chains of amino acids are the basic building blocks of proteins. It is created by the digestion of protein in the body because many peptides rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Shea butter: This extract is taken from Africa shea tree is a rich property that has natural soothing and moisturizing effects. This nourishes the skin with vitamin A, E and F. It helps to keep skin clear and healthy. They are particularly helpful for sun damaged skin and to help prevent premature wrinkles and facial lines.

Hyaluronic Acid: It forms a barrier on the skin and gives a soft moisturizing effect that makes skin smoother, but it doesn’t eliminate wrinkles. This natural extract promises to leave you with glowing and hydrated skin.



  • Reduce sun damaged: It is a complete formula that reduces sun damages effects and reduces skin disorders.
  • Make better collagen in skin: this organic cream helps to promote skin elasticity and hydration, improving the skin cell.
  • Stay hydrates skin: It is a beneficial application which deeply moisturizes your dry skin. Basically, it is made for all types of skin such as normal to dry skin.
  • Injection-free solution: It is a natural and permanent solution that will stay your skin from the various cracked line and fine lines.
  • Deliver skin tone: Secondly, retinoids may block an enzyme needed for melanin production and helping to deliver an even-toned glowing complexion.


Why we choose it?

Lumineux Cream is made with natural effects so that your skin leave soft and wrinkle-free. It proved totally natural for types of skin such as normal to dry skin. : It always prevents your skin to diminish collagen, like sun damage and provide poor nutrition.


Where to purchase this active skin cure?

Lumineux Cream is available on our official website and it also comes in a trial pack so that you can be satisfied with it. Now visit here to claim your order for availing this amazing pack.



Lumineux Cream is natural skin care which is used to remove skin disorders such as developing the fine line and dark complexion. It is combining ancient wisdom from the organic with the latest technology.

It is known for their wide range of natural skin care and its advanced manufacturing detail.